ROME - The Lone Furrow 10/10 
Yep, nice! I agree;) 


Alfalfa - So Cold OUT NOW! 
Produced, mixed and mastered at Unison Studios

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Magnus & John ‘Fuse Together’ out now 
Produced, mixed and mastered at Unison Studios

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NEW The Tame and The Wild Video OUT NOW! Song produced and mixed at Unison Studios. 

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On the occasion of their 10th anniversary this year, Porn Queen released the single "Mantra" on Sunday, July 5th. Mantra is the first track from the new EP to be released this autumn. The song is about persistence and above all not giving in to the effects of depression. It is about finding ways to escape the darkness and holding on to things that lift us up, such as love and the power of music.
The song features Ady Zeimet on sitar and Elise Nunes Richer on vocals. "Mantra" was recorded, mixed and mastered by Tom Gatti at Unison Studios and Produced by Porn Queen and Tom Gatti.

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Wilczynski feat. Eli June's Keep my Fox out now! Vocal recordings and production at Unison Studios.

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First ROME single "Ächtung Baby" of the upcoming album "The Lone Furrow" OUT NOW. Album release 28.08.2020. 
Lots of featuring on this new album. This one is featured by Alan Averill of Primordial.

New La Bofia Single "Violence" OUT NOW.
- Recorded by Cedric Fischer
- Mixed by Tom Gatti
- Mastered by Oliver Lang
...during our open-production at 1535 - Creative Heads' "porte ouverte" 2019.

Brand new track by Magnus & John OUT NOW. Produced and mixed at Unison Studios
The initial version of this song was based around live drums and had a strong indie-pop feeling. Later on, even after I finished a first mix, we decided to try a more electronic kind of feel and reworked all the drums and percussions. 
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Here's a new release I produced and mixed for The Tame and the Wild. The original production is nearly 7 min. long so we decided to drop a radio-edit version first. I'd like to draw attention to Alain's great guitar work here, in synergy with Flëpp's smooth finger picked acoustic, Tom's beautiful rhodes (check out the ending part!) and Seja's soothing lead vocals, this song has truely a calming effect on me.

Cool live session we recorded and filmed for Sarah Candle Music and her gang (Mateus Wojda, John Wolter, Luca Sales)

 The drums sound comes pretty much from my new coles 4038 (super happy!:) overhead mics combined with a cheap thomann ribbon mic in front of the kick drum. Not much close micing involved. A little room too (mics on balcony). Obviously, great drummer!
 Also, the vocal mic is Cedric Fischer's Gefell M71. First choice for live sessions. It doesn't hide the face too much. Video-people seem to like that;) No pop screen (same reason) but only a small wind shield, works great! Drum separation with our DIY gobo acoustic panels. Bass and Keys through DI's only, no trouble with that.